Animal Chiropractic

What is Animal Chiropractic Care?

Animal chiropractic is a non-surgical, drug-free approach for correcting or managing many musculoskeletal disorders that affect the joints, disc, soft-tissues, and nerves, that are bio mechanical in nature. Animal chiropractors look for abnormal or restricted movement of the joints of the spine and extremities which have an effect on the nervous system and the entire body.  Animal chiropractic focuses on the restoration of movement and the promotion of health by restoring normal joint mechanics and soft-tissue function, thus, normalizing neurological patterns that facilitate healing . The main tool an animal chiropractor uses to restore joint motion is called an adjustment. This gentle, specialized, manual skill, involves the application of a quick, low-force maneuver that is directed to a specific area of a joint at a specific angle. A certified animal chiropractor understands these joint angles intimately and can best assess if an animal can benefit from chiropractic care, and is the only professional who is qualified to adjust your pet. 

What animals should get Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is not limited to sick or injured pets. Healthy and athletic animals are ideal candidates for chiropractic care. Maintaining proper structural alignment and motion allows optimal function of the muscles, nerves, and tissues that support the joints, resulting in improved mobility, stance and flexibility. Good alignment improves agility, endurance, and overall performance. Animal Chiropractic Care can also help maintain mobility in older animals, enhancing the quality of your pet’s life, and ensuring more active and healthy years.


How long does an Animal Chiropractic Appointment Take?

The first visit takes approximately 30 to 45  minutes and involves taking a history, performing a physical examination and providing the first treatment should no contraindications to care be found.  Follow up visits take approximately 20 to 30 minutes. 

What kind of training does Dr. Tanya M. Dobrzanski have?

In addition to being an actively licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Dobrzanski has completed 250hrs of Animal Chiropractic through Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre, the only approved Animal Chiropractic Training program in Canada.  After completing the basic training program, Dr. Dobrzanski did an additional program specific to the treatment of Canines. Finally, Dr. Dobrzanski successfully completed the Animal Chiropractic Certification Exam and is a member in good standing of the College of Animal Chiropractors.  Dr. Dobrzanski also carries additional liability insurance specific to her Animal Chiropractic Practice through the Canadian Chiropractic Protection Association.

Animal Chiropractic in Alberta

In Alberta, the title ‘Chiropractor’ may only be used by Doctors of Chiropractic, licensed and registered with the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors. These individuals have completed an accredited program at a Chiropractic College, and have passed national board exams from the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board (CCEB). To maintain registration as a chiropractor, Doctors of Chiropractic must complete annual continuing education requirements, and continue to maintain licensure with the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors.  Additionally they must carry malpractice insurance. These measures ensure registered chiropractors are competent and safe.

There are a number of organizations that govern the animal veterinary chiropractic profession, and exact similar continuing education standards that must be completed in order to maintain your certification with the association. These organizations are The College of Animal Chiropractors, The International Veterinary Chiropractic Association and the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.  In order to become certified with one of these associations you must have graduated from an accredited Animal Chiropractic Course after completing a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), or a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).  These strict requirements help to ensure only the highest standard of care for your animals.

The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA)has specific practice standards to protect the welfare of animals.  The standard of practice states that anyone other than a licensed veterinarian who is “diagnosing, prescribing, treating, manipulating and operating for the prevention, alleviation or correction of a disease, injury, pain, deficiency, deformity, defect, lesion, disorder or physical condition of or in any animal, with or without the use of any instrument, appliance, medicine, drug, anesthetic or antibiotic or biologic preparation, and the giving of advice in respect of anything mentioned in this definition with or without a view to obtaining a fee or other reward” is practicing veterinarian medicine without a license.

In order to practice animal chiropractic within the guidelines of the Veterinary Profession Act, Animal Chiropractors must do so under the direction of your primary veterinarian.  Click this link for a copy of our Veterinary Referral form you can take to your primary veterinarian to sign. Your veterinarian may wish to perform a physical examination prior to providing a referral for animal chiropractic care.

*Please note, if your animal has suffered a new injury, illness or trauma, you MUST see your primary veterinarian before seeking animal chiropractic care.*

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